About our workshop Multidos Lab in Szczecin

Since 2016, this website has been launched to communicate the workshop with customers and report on the work done.  Until 2021, I worked in Belarus, now I am repairing equipment in Poland, Szczecin.  At the moment, mainly repairs are carried out:
 - LCD TVs with physically intact matrices.
 - car stereos Mercedes Harman Becker Comand NTG

 Most of the materials have not yet been translated into Polish and are available for viewing only in Russian, but I am working on it and the information is updated every day.  For those who are engaged in self-repair, I think this material will be useful.

 The contact number to contact me is +48577970040, if you cannot get through, write to the Viber or WhatsApp messenger.  There is also a VKontakte and Instagram group for communication.  A large archive of videos with repairs is available at the link to my YouTube channel.  Cooperation proposals can be sent to e-mail multidos@mail.ru

 Reviews of my work are available in Yandex and Google search engines

 Map of this site:
 - the REPAIRS section, describes the entire process of repairing your equipment with detailed photos of a technical malfunction and a story about the cause of the breakdown!  Most repairs are described on our website and you can always find something useful for yourself.
 - The Crazy Hands section contains personal developments or a repetition of someone else's work and the implementation of interesting projects.  If you have an idea for development on a microcontroller, please contact me, I'm waiting for the technical task by e-mail, so to speak;)
 - The Info section contains information useful when repairing equipment - POST codes for computers, error codes for washing machines, working with the terminal, etc.