Сar radio

Another restored balalaika, I accept it for repair and make customers happy ;) Contact us. The fault is still the same, it periodically does not turn on, turns off, or as in this case, in addition to shutdowns, the right front speaker stopped working ...

On the drive, using the accumulated manual, I repeated the revision, everything is fine, nothing is phoning - you can use it! 1-left channel, 2-general, 3-right channel. And do not forget to unsolder the mikrik (for this we disassemble the display board)
All country AUXov;)

Too many commands, another instance restored ;)

Becker be7039 repair

Again Comand, again nearby =) We resurrect another Comand BE6096 Mercedes balalaika. And again, another satisfied owner left with an already working device! Let's keep working ;)
p.s. now in Minsk

Command Backer BE6094 read cpu firmware st10f269-t3 via uart 77-rx 78-tx 104-to ground st10flasher


Watch the VIDEO

The unit came from the Minsk service for me to repair... Celebrating the victory... Already the 3rd restored Team =) *drink*

This radio tape recorder came from a viewer of my YouTube channel from Minsk. I have already repaired a similar balalaika, its model was BE7095. Before me, they tried to restore this device in one of the Minsk services, but without success ...

According to the client, the radio tape recorder began to turn off periodically, and in the end it didn’t turn on at all ... I took it to the Orsha service where they could not fix the problem.